Alabaster Sierras

The Alabaster Sierras and the city of Whitestone are my favorite places in all of Exandria. My love for the city started during the Briarwood arc of campaign 1 and only continued to grow. When I started my own open-world campaign, I knew the Alabaster Sierras would play a starring role.

Below are two versions of a new region map created from my new world map of Exandria. The first is the version I am using in my campaign, while the second has had all of the non-canon labels removed. It still has new roads, settlements, rivers, and other details, but they’re free for you to name. As I stated in my world map post, the goal was to create “canon-consistent” maps that give DMs some freedom to add their own content.

Region Map (Campaign Version)

Alabaster Sierras (Final)
Alabaster Sierras – Campaign Version 634 PD – (Final)

In my campaign, the players are rounding the northern tip of the Alabaster Peninsula and just a few days out from Dawn Harbor. Then they’ll be on to the city of Whitestone and all sorts of adventures.

Region Map (Blank Version)

Alabaster Sierras – Blank Version Any PD – (Final)


You can certainly get by with the images above for your campaign, but if you want to make your own custom versions of these maps for your campaign, I strongly recommend getting Wonderdraft.

You can find my Wonderdraft files here.

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