Alabaster Sierras

Last updated on April 24, 2020

The Alabaster Sierras and the city of Whitestone are my favorite places in all of Exandria. My love for the city started during the Briarwood arc of campaign 1 and only continued to grow. When I started my own open-world campaign, I knew the Alabaster Sierras would play a starring role.

Below are two versions of a new region map created from my new world map of Exandria. The first is the version I am using in my campaign, while the second has had all of the non-canon labels removed. It still has new roads, settlements, rivers, and other details, but they’re free for you to name. As I stated in my world map post, the goal was to create “canon-consistent” maps that give DMs some freedom to add their own content.

Region Map (Campaign Version)

Alabaster Sierras (Final)
Alabaster Sierras – Campaign Version 634 PD – (Final)

In my campaign, the players are rounding the northern tip of the Alabaster Peninsula and just a few days out from Dawn Harbor. Then they’ll be on to the city of Whitestone and all sorts of adventures.

Region Map (Blank Version)

Alabaster Sierras – Blank Version Any PD – (Final)


You can certainly get by with the images above for your campaign, but if you want to make your own custom versions of these maps for your campaign, I strongly recommend getting Wonderdraft.

You can find my Wonderdraft files here.

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