Dividing Plains

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The Dividing Plains of Tal’Dorei are the literal and figurative heart of the Kingdom of Tal’Dorei. It is a pastoral land of rolling hills and grasslands as far as the eye can see. Cities and towns dot the landscape but much of the region is wide open and unsettled. While the majority of the people work the land, the cities of Westruun and Kymal and draw people to them.

A massive region, the Dividing Plains stretch 3,000 miles from the Bladeshimmer Shoreline in the west to the Lucidian Coast in the east. Across this region runs the Silvercut Roadway, the continent’s longest and most traveled road. It winds its way from the city of Emon on the Ozmit Sea to the plains city of Westruun and on to the port of Stilben on the Lucidian Ocean.

Despite the pastoral landscape, the plains are as wild and dangerous as any other region of Tal’Dorei. Many hostile tribes of orcs, gnolls, goliaths, and more roam the plains. The Shields of the Plains guard the settlements and roads of the Dividing Plains but the land remains wild and untamed.

Canon Consistent

This map is not canon. Like my maps of Exandria and the Alabaster Sierras, this map is canon-consistent. It adds new settlements and geographic features but does not make any changes that change canon people, places, or things. There are two versions of this map and you are free to use whichever you prefer.

Hex Grid (Region Maps)

All of my maps of Exandria include a hex grid to help GMs figure out distances and calculate travel time. On my region maps, each grid is 24 miles from face to face. For most calculations, I just count the number of hexes between two points, but you can use the following if you need something more precise.

Face 2 FaceCenter 2 FaceCenter 2 Vertex & FaceDiagonal
24 miles12 miles~14 miles (13.85 miles) ~28 miles (27.73 miles)

My Campaign Version

The Dividing Plains Region - 634 P.D.

634 P.D.

This is the current version of my region map for my Exandria campaign. It includes the following additional settlements.

  • Conyberry: Conyberry was an abandoned village in my Critical Role Conversion of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure. The village was destroyed by the Herd of Storms, but where this map is 634 PD, I’ve opted to include it.
  • Dunshire: A small village at the crossroads leading to the canon village of Serpent’s Head in the Cliffkeeps to the north. The scones of Dunshire are legendary. A must try.
  • Foramere: Vaguely referenced in the Tal’Dorei Campaign Guide, Foramere is the largest of a number of fishing villages on the western shore of the lake.
  • Jacob’s Crossing: A small village at this river crossing and at the head of the trail to Zephrah seemed like a good idea.
  • Silvercut Crossroads: There is no way a settlement does not exist at the junction of the continent’s two main highways. The Tal’Dorei Campaign Guide references undead, so I would recommend having an old crossroads a few miles west of the village.
  • Zan: Like the Silvercut Crossroads, there is no way the meeting of the Wildwood & Emerald Path does not have some form of permanent settlement. In this version of the map, Zan is the original home of Zan Tal’Dorei prior to the Scattered War.

Blank Version

Dividing Plains - Blank Version
Settlements to be Name Later Edition

Use this version if you already have names picked out for the extra settlements, or just want to keep them blank.


While you do not need Wonderdraft to use these maps, it does help. With Wonderdraft you can easily make changes to the maps to suit your campaign.

The Wonderdraft version of this map can be found here.

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