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Last updated on April 24, 2020

Last week I started a brand new campaign in the wonderful world of Exandria. It is an open-world, sandbox-style game, and the entire world is theirs to explore. It is a completely different approach to Dungeons & Dragons than our last campaign and I can’t wait to see where they go and what they do.

Our last campaign was a romp through the Lost Mine of Phandelver, but set in Exandria. For that conversion, I created a guide for moving LMoP from the Forgotten Realms to Exandria and even created new maps to make the move complete. (You can find my conversion guide here.) I had made a map of Exandria a few years ago and really wanted to update it. Once we decided to do a big open-world game in Exandria, I got to work.

Right from the start, I knew I wanted to make a new kind of map of Exandria. The community has done an amazing job of creating canon maps to go along with the show, but I wanted to do something different. I wanted to make the world even bigger and leave plenty of room for me to scribble in Matt’s margins.

Before we get to the maps.

I want to make it abundantly clear these maps are “canon-consistent” and not completely, 100% canon. I have made a concerted effort to stick to the established lore of Exandria, but I did take some liberties.

Isslyra, Marquet, & the Shattered Teeth

The elephants in the room when it comes to any map of Exandria are Isslyra, Marquet, & the Shattered Teeth. Nobody, other than Matt, really knows what they look like and what everything is called. All any of us can do is work off the work of others and fill in the blanks as best we can.

My campaign is starting aboard a ship leaving Port Damali, bound for Tal’Dorei. The players are starting at level 2 and I imagine it will be a very long time before they travel to any of these places. As such, my versions of these contents are filler. I hope to get official updates to some of these continents before they get there. When that happens, I’ll make an update as soon as possible and update this post.

Size & Scale

People with a high passive perception will notice the map has a faint hex grid overlay. The grid is sized to match the scale of the official Tal’Dorei map with one hex equalling 100 miles. I did not put the scale on the maps as I wanted to give you the option of changing it to suit your game.

For example, I have decided to make each hex equal 120 miles for this campaign. I am a fan of the “6 Mile Hex“, and 120-mile hexes fit perfectly. Now, Regardless of whether you choose to use 100′ or 120′ hexes, you might find the following useful.

Face 2 FaceFace Length & Center 2 VertexDiagonal
120 miles~70 miles (69.3 miles)~140 miles (138.6 miles)
100 miles~60 miles (57.7 miles)~120 miles (115.5 miles)

More Settlements

Anyone who has read through the campaign guide, quickly realizes there are a lot more settlements in Tal’Dorei than appear on the map. The guide specifically mentions:

  • Human settlements in the Othendin Pass pushed out the stone giants.
  • Byroden is the 2nd largest settlement in the Mornset Countryside.
  • Dunghill is a settlement in the K’Tawl Swamp.
  • There are a number of settlements along the Foramere Basin.

I’ve added a lot of new settlements to the map in the most logical places I could think of. They are named on my 634 version, but left blank on your version. I did not go crazy, I simply tried to match the density of Wildemount.

More Water

I have added a lot of smaller rivers and lakes to the world. There are too many settlements without an obvious source of freshwater. I corrected this as best I could without dramatically changing the landscape of Exandria. I feel like it adds interest to the world, makes it more realistic, and adds more opportunities for interesting adventures.

On a related note, a number of rivers in Wildemount had multiple outlets. This drives me crazy, so I altered some rivers to have realistic sources and one outlet. The changes are minor and should not have any real impact on the world or your game.

More Labels

Rather than come up with names for prominent landmarks on the fly, I decided to name some features that have not yet been named. I tried to use names already in use nearby or mentioned in lore. (ie. the rivers in the Rifenmist Jungle are the Rifenmist and the Orroyen

Exandria 634 – “Turn Back Time”

My Exandria 634 P.D.
My Exandria 634 P.D.

My new campaign is going back in time and starting in 634 P.D. Whitestone is a mere 20 years old, the Dwendalian Empire is at war with the Julous Dominion, and Thordak hasn’t yet destroyed the Port of U’daa or given the people of Byroden collective PTSD. This is the map I’ll be using and the only map I’ll be updating on a regular basis.

Exandria – “The World I Know”

Exandria for Any Occassion
Exandria for Any Occasion

This is the most “canon” map of the two. It is based on existing maps, the official Tal’Dorei Campaign Guide, and various online resources like,, and the Critical Role Wiki. That being said, this map is still NOT meant to be a canon representation of only those things we know from the show. The only difference between this map and mine is that I have removed the labels for the extra settlements. Those are for you to name however you see fit.

Also. This map is either pre-Chroma Conclave or an alternate reality where they didn’t exist. Your pick.

Regional Map Preview

In addition to these world maps, I will be making regional maps for different parts of the world. For now, I’m focused on Tal’Dorei, but I will eventually get to Wildemount. Isslyra, Marquet, and the Shattered Teeth will be a while, so don’t bother asking. I’m still holding out for the Mighty Nein to leave Wildemount soon. For now, here is a preview of a regional map for the Alabaster Sierras.

Note the scaled hexes. These are nicely proportioned 24-mile hexes.

My Exandria - Alabaster Sierras 634 P.D.
The 634 P.D. version of my map for the Alabaster Sierras.

Wonderdraft Recommended

I strongly recommend picking up Wonderdraft if you really want to get the most out of these maps. You could add settlements and labels in an image editing program like Photoshop or Gimp, but you’re going to get a lot more out of them with Wonderdraft.

Existing Wonderdraft users, you should know the following:

  • There are no custom assets in these maps. Everything is stock.
  • The theme is the stock “Worn” theme.
  • Almost all of the symbols were drawn at size 30.
  • I used a pared-down color palette from the free Avoro 5 theme.
  • The resolution is 5400×3800 or 18″x12.67″ at 300 dpi.

These maps are large. They are a little sluggish on my 2015 Apple iMac 27″, so make sure your computer is up to the task. Video RAM greater than 2GB is highly recommended.

This is a link to the unlabeled version. It has a generic title block and none of the extra settlements are labeled. Enjoy and have fun.

Download: MrFarland’s Exandria for Wonderdraft

Fixes & Updates

I may make periodic updates to maintain consistency with the canon universe, but it will depend on my availability and the severity of the deviation. If you do find a bug, typo, or new information that changes something, let me know on Reddit or Twitter.

Standing on the Shoulders of Others

These maps would not be possible without the hard work and artistic vision of so many talented people. I just wanted to take a quick moment to recognize everyone that helped me (knowingly or unknowingly) make these maps.

  • Matthew Mercer: The one true God of Exandria, none of this would be possible without the amazing Matthew Mercer.
  • Deven Rue: The official cartographer for the show, Deven’s hand-drawn maps are gorgeous and as canon as you can get.
  • u/Korson: He created one of the first maps of Exandria in Wonderdraft and was a huge help in the first Exandria map I ever created.
  • Aaron Larsen: The creator of some of the first maps of Exandria, Aaron’s maps were immensely helpful on my previous map & this one.
  • u/TheTuque: The creator of the Atlas of Exandria, his Marquet and Shattered Teeth was the model on which I based mine.

Thank you for stopping by & happy gaming,
Donald Farland

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