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Technology at the table does not have to be a distraction. In this section, I spotlight great tools and tech that can help you make your D&D games better. I am always looking for new ways to improve my games and with nearly two decades of experience in IT, technology is where I start looking. My home game is full of technology and my players and I love it. Check back often for in-depth reviews and tutorials on technology you can use to improve your game.

March 31, 2020 / Technology
February 27, 2020 / Technology

Dear Game Master 5, You came into my life and made it worth living. You put a smile on my face at a time in my life when…

December 12, 2019 / Technology

A couple of days ago, DMDavid (@DMDavid) posted an article about DM screens on his blog that I found very interesting. The debate about whether to use or…