Hello and welcome to my compendium page for Lion’s Den Fight Club 5 & Game Master 5. This page serves as a central repository for the various compendium files I provide for these two outstanding apps. On this page you will find the following compendiums and add-ons:

Before You Begin

Before you start using my custom compendiums, you should know the following:

Stock Compendium: The compendium that comes with the apps can always be restored from the options menu in either application. You can always go back to the stock compendium if you don’t like mine.

Always Delete, Always Replace: Always delete your compendium before you install or update a new compendium. While it is possible to merge content from different sources, it should be done with care. See my XML primer at

Stay Current: I am always updating my compendium to add new content, fix typos, and occasionally fix an important bug. I recommend signing up for my mailing list to get an email when I update the compendiums.

SRD Enhanced Compendium

The SRD Enhanced Compendium contains everything you need to get started playing Dungeons & Dragons and more. All of the content can be found in various PDFs provided by Wizards of the Coast for free. I recommend downloading these documents if you are new to D&D.

Download the SRD Enhanced Compendium (Last Updated 2019-11-01)

Full Compendium

The following content is password protected as it contains copyrighted and commercial material. It is the compendium I play with and something I share with the players in my games.

Protected Area

This content is password-protected. Please verify with a password to unlock the content.


The following add-ons can be added to either the full or the SRD enhanced compendiums without issue. They are completely optional.

Unearthed Arcana

I don’t recommend using the UA content unless you really need/want something it provides. I typically do not use UA material in my games, so I rarely bother with UA content. The following are the ones that I have used in the past:

  • Centaurs & Minotaurs
  • Elf Subraces
  • Feats for Skills
  • One Grung Above

Download Unearthed Arcana Add-Ons.

My Homebrew

These are my personal homebrews I use in all of my games. I DO NOT introduce homebrew things lightly and you’ll find most of my homebrews are very mild. I am working on guides to explain each homebrew better and will post them here when they are done.

  • Exotic Arms & Armor
  • General Store
  • Jewels & Treasures
  • Mechanical Arrows and Bows
  • Provisions

Download My Homebrew Add-Ons.

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