January 8, 2019 / Technology

During the time I was comparing Evernote and OneNote, I created notebooks for the 5th edition SRD content. I created separate notebooks for the classes, races, magic items, monsters, rules, and spells and then exported them .enex files. These XML files are the standard import/export format for Evernote notebooks and you can import these into your own Evernote account.

January 4, 2019 / Technology

There is no shortage of stories on the Internet comparing the two most popular note-taking systems of OneNote and Evernote. I have read a lot of those articles, and I suspect you have too. Even after I read pages and pages of reviews, comparisons, and head-to-head battles, I could not make up my mind. I knew I had to replace my collection of Office documents with something more organized, but which one?

December 29, 2018 / Site News

Welcome to the official launch of I registered this domain a few years ago, but never did much with it. I had some grand ideas for various…