c2E04 – Into the Parchwood

After a little more than two weeks at sea, the Windbourne has finally arrived at its destination, the sleepy little village of Dawn Harbor. Located on the western shore of the Alabaster Peninsula, the village is a tiny little port thousands of miles outside normal shipping routes. It is a small settlement of less a thousand people, perched on a narrow strip of rocky coast between the Alabaster Sierras and the Parchwood Timberland.

Two large wooded islands sit a few miles out from the shore and shield the small harbor from the rougher waters of the Dawnmist Bay. As the Windbourne slips between the Shieldwood Islands into the harbor, a number of keelboats give the vessel a wide berth on their way out into the Dawnmist Bay.

While the party is freshly off their night shift, they lend a hand as the large sailing ship pulls up to the docks. A couple of dockworkers rush to help with the lines, but it becomes obvious they have no experience with larger vessels. After a couple of attempts, the crew manages to pull the Windbourne alongside the undersized wharf. Once tied off, the crew checks in with the Captain and disembarks with the de Rolos. Once on the dock, the dockmaster greets Lord Simon and hands him a pigeon. Simon places a note in a cannister on the bird’s leg and releases him.

New Village Smell

As the party makes their way through the docks district, they can’t help but notice Dawn Harbor has not been here long. Most of the buildings are made of rough-cut timber with the heart of the lumber still bright and unworn by the harsh coastal climate. While most of the buildings are hastily constructed, a number of more refined buildings are in the process of being built throughout the village.

One of these newer buildings is the village’s first inn, the Bachelor and Cupboard. While it is not a particularly large inn, the two-story building sits prominently in the center of the village. Much larger than the surrounding buildings, the inn is hard to miss. Inside Simon de Rolo, squares the party away with the innkeeper and leaves to stay with friends. The party settles into their rooms, drops their stuff and meets downstairs to do some shopping.

There isn’t much in the way of shops in Dawn Harbor, but they manage to pick up some heavier clothes for the colder climate and various other mundane supplies. The look for more clothing options, but quickly discover the local tailor only does custom work. Satisfied with Dawn Harbor’s limited shopping options, they return to the inn for dinner.

Into the Parchwood

In the morning, the party heads downstairs for breakfast and finds the de Rolos have just arrived. Outside a small wagon waits with four Paleguards and some basic supplies. They eat their first hearty breakfast in a while and head out the door.

The weather is dismal. The temperature is in the low 40’s and it is raining hard. Undeterred, they depart at once. With limited space in the wagon, the party is forced to rotate walkers and riders. The riders huddling under a thick canvas tarp, while the walkers trudge through ankle-deep mud. Unwilling to let the party members suffer alone, both Simon and Cassandra take their turn walking through the muck.

On their way out of town, the party passes through a hastily constructed palisade gate and into the Parchwood Timberland beyond. The forest is incredibly thick and dark and the canopy stretches over the narrow track that heads east toward the Alabaster Trail. While the canopy offers some protection from the rain, it also blocks out a good deal of light.

Roadside Camp

After a long, miserable slog the party finally reaches its first of many campsites. Created and maintained by the Paleguard patrols, the campsites are small clearings cut into the forest along the road. Without hesitation, the Paleguard escorts get to work setting up some tents and starting a fire, while the de Rolo’s help. The rain has lessened, but the clearing allows the rain through unabated.

With most of the party hunkered down under the tarp or in a tent, Night and Tibalt decide to stay up a little longer. As they huddle by the fire, two of the Paleguards walk the perimeter. Shortly after midnight, Night sees something move at the edge of the camp. As she goes to investigate a group of bandits move in from two sides.

With half the party asleep, the sentries spring into action and raise the alarm. Night and one of the Paleguards manage to deal with the bandits coming from the west, while Tibalt wild shapes into a dire wolf to deal with the main threat to the east. As he prepares to move towards the bandits, a large ogre comes lumbering out of the bushes and heads straight for him.

One by one, the rest of the party wakes up and joins the fight in progress. Most of the bandits are dealt with quickly while the fight between the ogre and Tibalt gets brutal. The ogre lands some big hits, but Tibalt is ferocious in wolf form and brings the big guy down. As the bandits fall one by one, the party and Paleguard quickly the last bandit and force him to surrender.

End Episode 4

Session:C2E05 – Into the Parchwood
Session Date:29 December 2019 – 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM ET
Present:Allix (Madelyn), Depth of Night (Renee), Rialta (Alison),
Rowan (Nate), Tibalt (Carisma), Zaptuse (Davey)
IG Start: 27 of Fessuran 634 P.D. – Dawnmist Bay ~5mi from Dawn Harbor
IG End:28 of Fessuran 634 P.D. – 24mi east of Dawn Harbor
Rest:No Rest
Resources:Alabaster Sierras Region Map
Roadside Camp Battle Map
Fantasy Calendar

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