C2E05 – Infiltrators

Last updated on February 10, 2020

After interrogating their prisoner in a Zone of Truth, the party learns he’s a member of a group operating out of a nearby cave. He agrees to show them the way for a reduced sentence and the party agrees. Bound and gagged, he leads them east along the road from Dawn Harbor to the Alabaster Trail.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

My first time using an animated map in Encounter+ was a smashing success!

With their prisoner leading the way, the party continues east. At the crossroads with the Alabaster Trail, the group splits in two. The de Rolos with the wagon and two guards head north and continue on to Whitestone. The party and their prisoner, however, plunge into the Parchwood Timberland in search of the bandit’s hideout.

After walking for the better part of the day through the thick forest, the party hears the sound of rushing water. Moments later they emerge on the west bank of the might Mooren River Run. A makeshift dam/bridge crosses the river. Depth of Night and Allix lead the way. About halfway across, arrows begin to fly. A couple of scouts continue firing as three bandits charge out of the bushes.

Everyone springs into action. Night returns fire while Tibalt turns into a panther and Allix charges ahead. Rowan, Rialta, and Zap fired ranged weapons and spells across the bridge. Panther Tibalt pounces and brings down the first man on the bridge, while Allix cuts down the second. The archers, knowing they’ve lost the element of surprise retreat into the woods.


With the ambushers on the run, the party decides to follow cautiously. They know they’ve lost the element of surprise, but have no interest in blundering into another ambush. Allix hops on Panther Tibalt’s back and the two of them creep up to the edge of a large cave with Night.

Sneaking ahead, Night slips inside the cave unseen and silent dispatches one of the sentries. Even expecting trouble, the other guards don’t spot the Tabaxi drag the guard into the shadows. Meanwhile outside in the bushes, the rest tie up the prisoner and leave one of the Paleguard behind to watch him.

Tibalt changes into a giant spider and once, more Allix climbs on his back. With Allix holding on for dear life, Tibalt climbs up the side of the wall and out of sight of the two remaining sentries. Once inside, Allix jumps off, rolls to her feet and fires her crossbow while Tibalt webs up the second sentry. He crumbles to the floor, but the third shouts a warning. The infiltrators discovered, the rest of the party charges in. He no sooner gets out his alarm and Zap and Rialta take him down with an Eldritch Blast and a crossbow bolt.

Bandit Hideout from Roll for Initiative
Roll for Initiative creates battle maps for TTRPGs on Patreon. Find the original post here.

To be continued.

Session:C2E06 – Infiltrators
Session Date:26th January 2019 – 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM ET
Present:Allix (Madelyn), Depth of Night (Renee), Rialta (Alison),
Rowan (Nate), Tibalt (Carisma), Zaptuse (Davey)
IG Start:1 of Quen’pillar 634 P.D. – 24mi east of Dawn Harbor
IG End:1 of Quen’pillar 634 P.D. – Bandit Hideout 60mi south of Whitestone
Rest:No Rest
Resources:Alabaster Sierras Region Map
Fantasy Calendar
Wooden Bridge (Animated) from Gaming Battle Maps
Bandit Hideout from Roll for Initiative

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