SRD Enhanced Compendium for Fight Club 5 (2019-09)


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If there is one drawback to Fight Club 5, it is that the developer cannot include content from the official books. The Fight Club compendium is limited to content released under the System Reference Document (SRD). While it is enough to play Dungeons & Dragons, you miss out on lots of archetypes, backgrounds, feats, races, etc. While the SRD Enhanced Compendium for Fight Club 5 can’t help you with official content, it does have a lot of improvements over the stock compendium that comes with Fight Club 5.

What is in the SRDe?

The SRD Enhanced Compendium contains two types of content, fixes to the default compendium and selection of homebrew content.


Among the fixes in the SRD Enhanced Compendium are:

  • Missing Content: I’ve added the “Tack” and “Trade Goods” from page 72 of the System Reference Document.
  • Improved Sorting: Items prefixed by an adjective were changed to put the item first. (i.e. “Hooded Lantern” became “Lantern, Hooded”)
  • Missing Values: Added missing descriptions, values, and weights for many items. (Still many more to go.)

Homebrew (3rd Party)

Most homebrew items are poorly conceived, horribly unbalanced, or a poor attempt at humor. As a result, I rarely include them in my games. Given my love of Critical Role, most of the I include are items and features used in the show.

  • Matthew Mercer’s Blood Hunter Class: This is the Blood Hunter class, played by Taliesin Jaffe in campaign 2.
  • Matthew Mercer’s Gunslinger Archetype: The gunslinger archetype and related items used by Taliesin Jaffe in campaign 1.
  • Various Magical Items from the Show: The belt of returning (Vax), Magician’s Judge (Yasha), and the Flask of Perpetual Alcohol (Nott).

Homebrew (Mine)

I also have a number of my own creations and modifications included. Most of them are pretty mundane and guaranteed not to be overpowered. In fact, if you do run across anything you think needs tweaking, let me know via Reddit (u/dandyman28) or Twitter (@MrFarland).

  • MrFarland’s Mechanical Arrows and Crossbow Bolts: My take on the arrows in the old PC classic, Thief. This is a purely non-magical take on these arrows and something for the crafters.
  • MrFarland’s Emporium of Mundane and Mildly Magical Items: A collection of items that pop-up in my games. Most are smaller or larger versions of items already found in the compendium. Other items are survival-oriented items like food, drink, heavy clothes, etc.

All the XML files are commented and you should have no trouble finding and removing things you don’t want.

SRD Enhanced Compendium

The latest release of the compendium is:

Fight Club & Game Master Compendium (2019-09)

Questions, comments, or concerns?

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about this compendium contact me via Reddit (u/dandyman28) or Twitter (@MrFarland).

NOTE: I made an effort to verify all content in this compendium is not freely available for non-commercial purposes. To my knowledge, everything included has been released under the Open Game License, Creative Commons, or the public domain. All content produced and distributed by me is non-commercial and intended to comply with the Wizards of the Coast Fan Content Policy and the doctrine of Fair Use. If you believe I have included your work improperly or did not provide appropriate attribution, let me know and I will address it immediately.