Well met traveler.

Don Farland - A very handsome man. (Psst ... its a really old picture, he's much uglier now.)

My name is Don Farland and I’m the man behind the blog. I have been playing role-playing games, in one form or another, since I received a copy of the Basic Edition rules as a gift in 1984. I was hooked.

The game was fascinating, but also frustrating. I had trouble getting neighborhood friends to play. I eventually found kindred spirits at school and we started a Dungeons & Dragons club. There was finally a worthwhile reason to spend more time at school.

In high school, I drifted away from TTRPGs and to CRPGs. I spent a lot of time with Pools of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds, but also loved Might & Magic, and the Ultima series. In my Junior and Senior years, I fell into a new group of friends and discovered a whole host of board and tabletop games. Our main pastime was strategy board games like Hunt for Red October, Red Storm Rising, Axis & Allies, Supremacy, and good ole Risk / Castle Risk, but we also played a lot of Battletech, Star Trek, and Star Wars sci-fi tactical games. We played some tabletop RPGs, but not often.

Now, nearly 30 years to the day that I received that first red box, I discovered Critical Role and it was just like …

Ahhh ... nostalgia.

Listening to Matt & the cast of Vox Machina brought me right back. I knew right then that I was going to get back into D&D. Only this time, I wanted to DM. I started a home game with my kids, ran a couple of one-shots and played in a couple of drop-in games. I don’t get to play nearly as often as I’d like, but need to scratch the itch. That is where this site comes in. If I can play often enough, I’m going to help others as best I can. So I focused in on the things I often needed for my own games … adventures, battle maps, world maps, and various tools.

Now … come in & make yourself at home.

-Don Farland