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Last updated on August 20, 2023

The lakeside town of Drynna in eastern Tal’Dorei.

About Drynna

Welcome to the sleepy, lakeside town of Drynna. Located at the end of the upper Mooren River Run where it completes it’s long journey from the Alabaster Sierras in the north to the crystal clear waters of Mooren Lake. A good size town, Drynna has a population of 2,230. Its residents are mostly humans (80%), gnomes (8%), halflings (8%), and elves (4%). Drynna’s chief export is fish and it supplies most of eastern Tal’Dorei.

The local government revolves around what’s called the Sunrise Lodge, or simply “the Lodge,” a membership of community leaders who meet and vote on important delegations and law-oriented decisions. The law enforcement is largely volunteer-run, and internally policed both by senior enforcers and the Lodge.

About My Map

My map of Drynna is inspired by the lore found in the Critical Role Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Guide, but there is precious little to go on when it comes to Drynna. While this gave me some leeway in how I laid out the town, I would have liked a little more to connect it to the Critical Role universe. Regardless, here are my notes on the map.


As with all of the maps in this series, I have only labeled the major geographical features. The Mooren Lake and Mooren River Run being the only two of consequence. The rest of the geographical features are left for you, the GM, to name.


There is only one “canon” landmark in Drynna and that is the Sunrise Lodge. It is a large red building in the center of town and surrounded by a stone wall. Everything else is totally up to you. I have my ideas, but you can do your own thing.


There are three connections to Drynna on this map. The Parchwood Way leads out of the southern side of the town and heads west to Turst Fields. While there is nothing that says Drynna is linked to the sea, I made the lower Mooren River Run navigable to the Lucidian Ocean. In my campaign, this will not be big enough for big ocean crossing vessels but would be sufficient to connect to Stilben by sea. Feel free to make the port bigger in your mind and have vessels capable of sailing to Wildemount.

Lastly, I created a road that heads north and east towards the Rootgarden Marsh. I made the northern edge of the lake marshy, but this does not have to be the Rootgarden. It is actually a good distance away, but I wanted a visual cue, there is a major swamp to the east.

Technical Details

The map was created with version 1.0.2 of Wonderdraft. The general city layout was developed with the Medieval Fantasy City Generator and all of the assets were created by Ross McConnell at 2 Minute Tabletop.

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