The Wild Sheep Chase Game Master 5 XML

Last updated on September 4, 2023

My youngest daughter is DM’ing her first session this coming Friday. We looked over a number of one-shots and decided to run The Wild Sheep Chase. It is a fun little adventure that should not be too much trouble for a 1st-timer to run.

To help her run the adventure, I created a Game Master 5 campaign XML file to go with the one-shot. I added the text from the PDF as notes, created the custom NPCs and monsters and then made the encounters. The PCs are rather generic level 5 characters and make a small party of a fighter, cleric, rogue, and wizard. Her friends are pretty new to Dungeons & Dragons, so I kept them simple.

You can download everything you need to run this adventure in Game Master 5 here. In this folder you’ll find:

  • The Game Master 5 XML file.
  • 4x Fight Club 5 XML files for the generic pre-generated characters.
  • and a screen capture of the battle map in the PDF.
The Wild Sheep Chase battle map from the PDF.
The Wild Sheep Chase Battle Map from the PDF.

Because Game Master 5 (and Fight Club 5) include all used content in the files themselves, you do not need any special Compendium files. You’re welcome to grab my SRDe compendium here, but it is not required.

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