Roadside Camp

After nearly eight hours of trudging through the mud, the party finally had enough. They set up a quick roadside camp and settled down for the evening. There was no hope of getting dry, but at least they’d be out of the rain for the night. After a long day on the road, they needed a good, long rest.

Only the bandits had other ideas.

Episode 4: The Road to Whitestone

There is no shortage of campsite battle maps available on the Internet. I know, I looked at quite a few of them. I scanned through hundreds of images, but couldn’t find one I liked for this encounter. The main criteria being:

  • Heavy Rain
  • Night
  • Dense Forest
  • Rest Stop

The first and last requirements were the most important. I wanted the map to reinforce the dreadful weather. It needed to be dark and wet. The last one was based on the fact that the party would be using a site used regularly by the road patrols.

In the end, I came up with the Roadside Camp battle maps below. It comes in Stormy Night and Rainy Day versions. Enjoy.

Roadside Camp (Stormy Night)

It was a dark and stormy night.

Roadside Camp (Rainy Day)

Bandit attacks in the middle of the night too cliche? How about first light?

Both maps are 44×32 and 140 DPI. Once again, I have the incredibly talented Ross McConnell at 2 Minute Tabletop to thank for this map. I used his Roadside Tiling Road & Grass maps with his Camp and Bandit Camp assets for this map.

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