Sailing Ship Windbourne

Last updated on August 20, 2023

As the sailing ship Windbourne slips from its mooring, the crew raises the sails and the Captain steers the 100′ Windbourne towards the mouth of the harbor. The sun rising over the Cyrios Mountains to the east shines on the city of Port Damali and the Menagerie Coast.

With a loud rustle of canvas, the sails fill with the warm breeze coming off the continent and the Windbourne begins to slice through the water. Huddled at the rail, twenty or so civilians watch as the city fades away. All of their possessions in sacks and bundles at their feet.

A well-dressed couple in their mid-30s moves between them, offering reassurances and asking if they need anything. …

Opening to my new campaign starting this Sunday.

UPDATE: I fixed an issue with the length of the lower deck and added shading to better illustrate the elevation differences of the top-side decks.

Welcome aboard the sailing ship Windbourne. An independent merchant sailor out of the port of Emon. The ship is currently docked in the harbor of Port Damali on Wildemount’s Menagerie Coast. She’s all loaded, but she’s still riding high.

With the war raging between the Dwendalian Empire and the Julous Dominion, trade between Wildemount and Tal’Dorei is down. Instead of finished goods and raw materials, Wildemount’s chief export is now people. Refugees streaming out of the Marrow Valley are filling the port cities of the Clovis Concord. Some are looking for a new start on the coast, while others are seeking passage to Tal’Dorei.

Cargo Hold Configuration

Cargo Configuration
Cargo Configuration

Normally, the Windbourne’s hold is full of cargo. Silk from Pride’s Call, spices from Shammel, or fine elven goods from the Port of U’daa. Barrels, crates, and chests tucked below deck and even some lashed together topside.

Passenger Hold Configuration

Passenger Configuration
Passenger Configuration

In this configuration, the Windbourne is carrying passengers. Instead of barrels and crates, the hold is full of bedrolls and blankets.

Empty Configuration


Both maps are 32×32 and 140 DPI. Once again, I have the incredibly talented Ross McConnell at 2 Minute Tabletop to thank for for this map. I used his Galleon, Ocean Surface, Castle Furniture, Mansion Furniture, Roadside Camp Assets, Siege Weapons, and Mercantile Asset Pack for this map.

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