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Last updated on September 4, 2023

Over the past couple of months, both this site and my YouTube channel have started to take off. While the metrics for my articles and videos are a good indicator of this, it is the feedback and questions I get from all of you that really matter. I love hearing about your games and how my content has helped.

My series of videos on Fight Club 5 and Game Master 5 has done wonders for my YouTube Channel, but I’ve fallen behind on my map-making. The reason for this change was purely accidental … literally. While on vacation in June, I fell and just barely managed to catch myself. Unfortunately, that act resulted in my thumb and fingers deciding to go in different directions. The injury was significant and made it nearly impossible to draw or even type for extended periods of time. Videos became the only kind of content I could produce without pain. It did heal without surgery, but I’m still operating at 75%. It’s enough to get back to work, but shorter, more frequent sessions are the new normal.

Now that I’m back to work though, I’m trying to organize all my ideas and prioritize them. I sat down, made some lists, and started putting together this content roadmap for both of our benefits. Content Roadmap

Ex( p )andria

The Exandria Expanded or Ex( p )andria is an ambitious cartography project to make the world of Exandria just a little bit bigger to give GMs a little space to play in the margins. The goals for this project are to create:

  • a full suite of world, continent, and regional maps for the world of Exandria with a consistent artistic style.
  • maps with a consistent, flexible scale system that allows GMs to quickly and accurately calculate travel distances anywhere in the world.
  • multiple versions of the maps that provide GMs with three options:
    • Canon: Only includes labels and locations from the show & guide.
    • Fill-In: Canon, but with additional, unlabeled settlements, roads, etc.
    • MrFarland: My version w/ labels from my campaigns & adventures.

Settlements of Exandria

The Settlements of Exandria project is a natural extension of my “Settlements of Tal’Dorei” project and is essentially a new name for an old idea. The goals for this project are to create:

  • “canon” settlement maps for all of the towns & villages in Exandria, including the underground cities of Kraghammer, Ruhn-Shak and Emberhold.
  • generic settlement maps GMs can give a name and insert into their version of Exandria with a similar look and style as the “canon” settlements.
  • all maps with a consistent scale to provide GMs with more reliable measures for determining visibility, large scale combat encounters, and more.

Landmarks of Exandria

The Landmarks of Exandria is the catchy title for my effort to create battle maps for various landmarks scattered across Exandria. While the maps themselves could be used in any campaign, the goal is to provide battle maps for places GMs might want to stage an epic fight for their Exandrian heroes. Some of the ideas I want to make are:

Castle Whitestone
Darktow Docks
Dawnfather Square
Dragon’s Hoard Casino
Emerald Outpost
Fort Daxio
Gates of Kraghammer
Greyskull Keep
Margrave’s Keep (Westruun)
Margrave’s Mansion (Kymal)
Port of Stilben

SRD Expanded Compendium for Fight Club 5

The SRDe Compendium project is an initiative to create a better SRD-compatible compendium for Fight Club 5. The SRDe will be based on the stock compendium but will address some naming inconsistencies, improve sorting, and add a lot of useful, non-copyrighted homebrew content from respected sources. The system will be completely modular and allow users to pick & choose the addons they want to use.

Exandria Campaign Starter for Game Master 5

The Exandria Campaign Starter file is a blank slate campaign file for Game Master 5 designed to help you get your Exandrian Campaign off to a running start with lore, NPCs, items, and location-based random encounters. The file will be designed to work with my maps and other resources.

Adventures in Exandria

I have a number of ideas for adventures and one-shots in my head, and I hope to get those translated into common and written down in the months to come. Each will come with an adventure guide, and Game Master File, and use the maps from the projects above to help GMs run them without a hitch.

Critical Role Conversions

I’m thrilled with how the Lost Mine of Phandelver conversion came out and I’m looking forward to making more. I am not going to start any new conversions for a while though. The projects above will help with any new conversions, so it’s best I let those projects move forward first.

YouTube Content Roadmap

Video Tutorials

While I will continue to create tutorials for my YouTube channel, they will slow down. I have some ideas in mind, but not much after that. I expect more will come from questions I receive on YouTube and Reddit or from my own work on the projects above.

Product & Service Reviews

In addition to my tutorials, I’m planning to produce a number of videos reviewing various products and services I use on a regular basis.

My D&D Series

I’m still working out the details, but this is a series I hope to unveil later this year.

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