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When it comes time to create a new battle map for an upcoming session, there is one person that I turn to time and time again, Ross McConnell at 2 Minute Tabletop. While there are lots of talented artists creating battle maps for tabletop role-playing games out there, Ross’s artistic style really resonates with me. He was a wide range of maps available for download on his website and some outstanding asset packs too.

That is all of my battle maps use maps and assets from  2 Minute Tabletop. I couldn’t imagine running a Dungeons & Dragons session without Ross and his art at my table.

March 6, 2019 / Battle Maps
February 23, 2019 / Battle Maps

The castle on Eilean Donan in the western Highlands is one of Scotland’s most picturesque and famous castles. Founded in the 13th century, by Clan Mackenzie, Eilean Donan…

February 2, 2019 / Battle Maps

Now that my campaign is moving from the wilds of Tal’Dorei to the mean streets of Westruun, I realized I didn’t have any good urban battle maps. So,…