The Mean Streets

Last updated on September 4, 2023

Now that my campaign is moving from the wilds of Tal’Dorei to the mean streets of Westruun, I realized I didn’t have any good urban battle maps. So, I decided to rectify that and turned to my go-to resource for all things battle map-related… 2 Minute Tabletop.

If you have never heard of 2 Minute Tabletop., you need to get over there and see what Ross McConnell has to offer. Ross is a phenomenal Australian artist who makes beautiful battle maps and related resources that work well on paper and in your favorite virtual tabletop. (I plan on doing an article and/or video on my process someday, but for now, on to the maps.


The Mean Streets - Daytime


The Mean Streets - Night

Whether your players are planning a break-in or getting jumped by bandits, this night map is the perfect setting.

Open for Business

The Mean Streets - Open for Business
Open for Business

Tavern fights are overdone. That is until they spill over into the street and devolve into a block-wide brawl.

1st Floors Only

The Mean Streets - 1st Floors
1st Floors Open

Check out Mean Streets 2.0, now with no loading screens. It is the perfect map for a running battle, busting down doors, and climbing through windows.

More Battle Maps to come.

I have a lot more maps that I need to create for my campaign and I plan on sharing most if not all going forward. (Probably not the hand-drawn maps though.)

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