Fight Club 5 Compendium Update (2020-10)

This post is an update notice for my Fight Club 5 Compendium. Links to the XML files are posted on my dedicated Compendium page at

I apologize for how long it has been since my last update. As if COVID and the challenges it presents weren’t enough, I had some non-COVID related health issues. It was nothing life-threatening, but it did distract me from things I’d rather be doing. Like, working on the compendium and my Encyclopedia Exandria. Things are getting back to normal now, so here is the update.


The main theme of this update is, once more, focused on quality, consistency, and readability. I’ve been too preoccupied to work on adding a lot of new content and have instead focused on improving the overall quality of what I have . This has involved the following changes:

Policy Changes

  • Removed duplicate spells marked with the asterisk and ‘(Ritual Only)’ and added the subclasses and ‘Ritual Caster’ to the spell lists.
  • Removed monsters from the modules if included in core books like MToF and Volos.
  • Standardized the backgrounds, feats, and races across all sources.

New Content

  • Added content from Mythic Odysseys of Theros to the full compendium.
  • Weapons and armor have better descriptions to help new players understand them.
  • Gems and stones have better descriptions based on the actual stones.
  • All trade goods have descriptions that indicate what they are, not just how trade goods work.
  • Added shadow dragon variants for the different dragons.
  • Added dracolich variants for the different chromatic dragons.
  • Standardize weapon property help text in all weapons.


  • Corrected the “Frightened Note” on the Oath of Vengeance Paladin’s channel divinity.
  • Fixed hundreds of typos … again.
  • Fixed ASIs for the Half Elf and Half Orc dragonmark races.

Comments, Questions or Problems?

if you run into any issues with the compendium, please let me know. You can best reach me via Reddit or Twitter.

Thank you for stopping by & happy gaming,
Donald Farland

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