Vesrah Landing

Last updated on August 20, 2023

Welcome to Vesrah Landing; the first in a series of battle maps created with the outstanding application, Dungeondraft. Created by Megasploot, the genius behind Wonderdraft, Dungeondraft does for encounter maps, what its predecessor did for fantasy cartography. While you could create battle maps in Wonderdraft, the focus of that application is on a much grander scale. The application is still in beta for MacOS and I kept it simple for my first map.

For my first battle map with this promising but pre-release software, I created my interpretation on an iconic location in the Critical Role universe. Vesrah, the home of the water Ashari and the final stop on Keyleth’s Aramenté. With my players arriving soon, I wanted to give them a proper elemental welcome.

Their first challenge was the violent surf at the edge of the reef. They managed to time their approach perfectly and surfed into the village’s small harbor only to discover the village was under attack. The Ashari were under attack by water elementals and fighting raged across the many bridges and platforms of the village.

Vesrah Landing – Day

Vesrah Landing Day
A calm, warm breeze, the sound of waves crashing, and a kraken breaching the surface beyond the reef.

Vesrah Landing – Evening

Vesrah Landing Evening
The village sleeps peacefully as sahuagin stealthily creep up onto the docks.

While I had the village of Vesrah firmly in mind when I created this map, it will make a good stand-in for any coastal village.

Have Fun!

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