Inventory Management in Fight Club 5

Last updated on August 20, 2023

My latest video on Lion’s Den Fight Club 5 is now available on my YouTube channel. This video tackles one of my favorite features (as both a DM and a player), Inventory Management.

I am not a hardcore, gritty survival type of GM, but I do like them to be grounded in reality. Yes … in a world full of wondrous beasts and magic, I like a little realism. I don’t go crazy with the basic needs, but I do like to keep a handle on encumbrance. There are no Skyrim/Fallout players in my campaign. Nobody has 11 pairs of steel gauntlets, 2 greatswords, and 18,000 gold coins in their bag.

Until I discovered Fight Club 5, this was a big problem for me. Tracking encumbrance in D&D using paper character sheets has always been challenging. I wasn’t going to track encumbrance down to the pound with my NPCs and I certainly didn’t expect my players too. For a while, I used a slot based system and it worked pretty well, but it did have some issues.

When I started using Fight Club 5 as a player, I immediately recognized the power of this feature. It wasn’t really needed for the campaign I was playing in, but I knew I wanted my player’s to try it out in my home game. We all agreed to give it a shot and we never looked back.

I will not get into the specifics (you can watch the video for that), but the following are just some of the features I touch on:

  • Calculates the player’s carry capacity based on their strength attribute score.
  • Calculates the weight of all gear and monitors that against their capacity.
  • Allows for the creation of containers to organize & role-play item storage.
  • Can handle magical containers like a bag of holding or handy haversack.
  • Updates AC and attacks based on which armor and weapons are equipped.
  • Applies penalties to over-encumbered players.
  • Allows you to create non-carried containers like a chest at home or wagon.
  • Allows you to customize items to add descriptions, adjust stats, etc.

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