Leveling Up with Lion’s Den Fight Club 5

Last updated on August 20, 2023

In the game of Dungeons & Dragons, there is nothing better than the reward of leveling up. After hours of defeating monsters, avoiding sadistic traps, and talking you’re way out of trouble, you have finally amassed enough experience to gain a level. To me it is the best payoff the game has to offer. It doesn’t matter if its unlocking a new class feature, choosing a feat, or increasing an ability score, I love leveling up.

The process of leveling up, however, can be troublesome. There are a lot of options in 5th edition D&D with information scattered across numerous books. Most levels are pretty easy. You choose a class feature or two, increase your hit points and you’re good to go. Others, like the levels where your proficiency bonus go up or you increase an ability score are much more complicated. It is these levels that make me glad I use Fight Club 5.

With Fight Club 5, these levels are a breeze. The app increases your proficiency bonus at the appropriate levels and automatically recalculates all of the skills that use it. Likewise, increases to ability scores automatically update any skills or abilities that rely on them. Taking the time to find and enter the data from your official books makes the whole process even easier.

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