Primer on XML and the Fight Club Compendium

XML Primer

Hello all, yesterday I posted a new video on my channel. It’s a video that is long overdue and one I think you’ll find informative and useful. It is a primer on the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and how it is used by Fight Club and Game Master. It is the backbone of the compendium and the technology that makes it easy to export, import, and share content.

In the video I go over the basics of XML and how it is formatted. I cover the basics of organizing data, formatting, and adding comments. It’s a high level overview, but one that should help you get started. I also show off the basic data types used by Fight Club and how they’re organized.

If you want to look at an SRD based version of my Compendium, you can find it in my post for my Lost Mine of Phandelver Game Master 5 files. I have a full compendium and a sample of the Game Master 5 XML campaign. The campaign file is much more complex, but the principles of XML still apply. You should be able to figure it out.