Main Street

Last updated on April 24, 2020

The Main Street Battle Map is a map I created over a year ago and was one of the first maps I made. I created it for my home game and while it did get used for an assassination attempt on my players, I never got to use it as I really intended. A large-scale raid on the village. Marauding bands of orcs running between houses, kicking in doors, and otherwise terrorizing the people of the town. I imagined players running in the front door, diving through a back window to surprise the orcs on the other side. The players managed to make a hard left though and neutralized the threat before it ever got here. … … yay. ūüôĀ

Last night while going through my files, I stumbled across it and realized I never officially released it. So without further ado, here is my new (old) battle map, “Main Street”.

Main Street
Main Street, all closed up.

The Main Street battle map is also available with the building interiors exposed. I envisioned people ducking inside to hide from pursuing raiders. Or archers firing from second-story windows.

Main Steet 2nd Floor
Main Street – 2nd Floor
Main Street 1st
Main Street – 1st Floor

I hope you enjoy the map. Oh and one more thing … just flood the town with orcs, gnolls, and invading army, something. If you need a slightly more urban setting, check out my battle map Mean Streets.

As is often the case with my maps, this one also features assets from talented artist Ross McConnell at

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